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Nago Kids


Nago Kids Capoeira in NYC

We are so excited to start our kids program as you all know children are our future..

As in any martial art, respect and discipline is fundamental. Capoeira offers important elements to our bodies, the martial training, a strong foundation for our bodies, discipline, commitment to strength coordination, acrobatics and skills. The importance of rhythm, musically and within in the movements it self. The Portuguese language learned through songs and commands within class. Kids and teens will be held to the highest behavioral standards in order to insure their growth as an athlete and guarantee the safety of the class as a whole.


Our classes are 45 minutes long and are designed for children/youth ages 5 and up. Each class incorporates capoeira movements and music into games and group activities. Your child will learn essential kicks and escapes, capoeira animal movements, acrobatics and capoeira songs in Portuguese. Students should wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle. No socks or shoes are worn in class.


Parents can workout in gym or enjoy a cup of coffee outside the gym. As we believe it is important to develop independence in our children. We will offer parents to attend a class at end of each quarter.

Progress and development is directly related to consistent attendance and dedication.  It is very important that parents bring their youth to class regularly and as frequently as possible.  Kids that train at least twice a week will see the most improvement.

Much like any other martial art where cords (belts) symbolize rank and skill level, in Capoeira class kids will have the opportunity to test for their first (or next belt) twice a year.  Moving up in levels in Capoeira happens at an event called a “Batizado.” A Batizado is a Capoeira graduation ceremony where students receive their new cords, there are performances and demonstrations; and family and friends are invited to watch.  The batizado is a fun, family friendly event that the kids look forward to each year. It is a time where the young capoeiristas can shine and show off what they've learned over the previous 6 months.


1st time try out $25
Monthly 1/week $89
Monthly 2/week $165
*Uniform is not included.

Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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