Constantly Evolving Spinning/Capoeira/Yoga Retreat, Seville 2018

October 7th - 13th, 2018.

As we have just completed almost first half of great year together I am very excited to have added capoeira to our Spain Retreat in October with a very special guest Contra Mestre Chicao for Nago Madrid !!!


I am very proud to continue my dream with our second spinning retreat and our first destination capoeira retreat this Fall, from October 7th through the 13th, 2018 in Seville + Andalucía, Spain!

We will take you to a completely different environment during those fall months and together enjoy outdoor spinning classes while dive deeper into our training in the powerful open landscape, with great views of the nature, mountains, and sunsets that make up the magnificent surroundings of the Hacienda Del San Rafael.

The retreat will take place over a total of 6 nights. The first night we will explore the exciting beautiful old town of Seville where history has truly lefts its mark on the stunning romantic streets, throughout which you want to get lost. We will stay at Corral Del Rey located in the heart of the old quarter of Barrio Alfalfa, five minutes walk from the main Cathedral. The original 17th Century Casa Palacio has been meticulously restored to a beautiful contemporary hotel without losing its original feel or beauty. As we are in Seville, the birthplace of Flamenco, we will of course enjoy watching a fantastic show that evening as a part of our journey there!

The following 5 days will be spent at the gorgeous, relaxing countryside of Andalucía at Hacienda Del San Rafael. It is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation mixed with delicious meals! As always our goal is to make the trip as affordable as possible so that everyone can come along to experience this incredible part of Spain.

If you want to arrive a day early to Seville to have a chance to explore more please let me know and I can extend a discount from gorgeous Corral Del Rey.



Training Info

We will train some mornings for 2 hours, including spinning outdoors. In the evenings we will train for an additional 1 ½ hours focusing on yoga and strength practice. There will be a couple days where we do bigger 3 hours session in the morning with the evenings off, or vice versa, which will allow you to explore the surrounding area more. Daytime and nighttime are open for you to enjoy any activities of choice. During the daytime break you can relax at the hotel by the pool or endlessly explore the surrounding La Frontera villages. At Hacienda there are many activities to enjoy such as wine tours, horseback riding, visiting beautiful villages in the mountains but most importantly relaxing. That said, the Hacienda is a place to relax, enjoy countryside, and breath the fresh clean air.


The Inner Series SPIN/YOGA retreat is open to all levels, and includes practices in Inner Strength, body and core training, as well as Inner Power Flow. You will have the chance to practice Capoeira with Contra Mestre Chicao 3 special afternoons. Experience in Capoeira is needed for those workshops.

Inner Strength/Core is a core-strengthening program developed from various training forms and will include bodyweight training and plyometric exercises.

Inner Power Flow is an athletic approach to yoga based on elements from various traditions focusing on core flexibility, breathe, and deep stretching to connect seamlessly mind and body.  Each movement is linked with breath to work your entire body, refresh your mind, and soothe your soul.



Cost Info

Base package includes training in spin, yoga and core strength, Capoeira is an additional cost. Also included is hotel accommodations in Seville and Hacienda Del San Rafael with breakfast in Seville and breakfast and dinner at Hacienda, as well as one group transfer from Seville to Hacienda. Return transfer has been proven easier and more cost effective to be organized individually as returns vary. Not included is the airfare, dinner in Seville, and transfer from airport to hotel in Seville or individual transfers to and from Hacienda, as well as the return from the Hacienda to your next destination. 

Payment will be accepted at CHASE bank direct, Venmo, or credit card through PayPal (3% service fee is additional when using PayPal)

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Details for Inner Series Spin/yoga Retreat 2018 - Reservations: 

Reservations: A $750 non-refundable or transferable deposit is required to secure spot within 24 hours of reservation (NO exceptions). Please email for confirmation of space and room availability.

50% payment will be due March 1st, 2018. Final payment is due May 1st, 2018. You can of course pay any portion at any time before the deadlines. Payments can also be split between cash and credit card if that will help you manage. All payments are final, non-refundable and non-transferable if canceled. Payments can be made through, PayPal (3% added fee), Venmo (no fee) or direct deposit. Please email to inquire. Please note, if payments are not made on due dates, your spot will be given away to others on the waiting list.

We really look forward to seeing you for this magical spin retreat and hope you can join us!  

Nadia Zaki


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